How long will my play dough last?

Your dough should last 2-3 months if stored in a sealed Zip-loc bag or a sealed plastic container.  The dough might form salt crystals if it it exposed to air for a while.  You may warm the *unwrapped* dough in a microwave  for 10 seconds and work the salt crystals in with your hands.   If crystals persist, work a couple of drops of water, cooking oil, or essential oil into the dough.


What does it cost to ship my bins?

We are proud to offer FREE SHIPPING for all of our products!


Are your subscriptions appropriate for boys AND girls? 

Yes!  Our subscription program is seasonal and/or contains themes for both boys and girls!  Then, if you’d like a special Dinosaur bin or Princess bin for your special little one, you can order those separately. 


Do you offer local pickup?

YES!  Please use the code "LOCALPICKUP" upon checkout for $7 off your order's total price.  Then we will contact you for pickup when your bins are ready.  Pickup location is in east Franklin, TN. 


What are my options for subscriptions?   

We now have 3 subscription options!  Quarterly (4 bins/year), Every Other Month (6 bins/year), and Monthly (12 bins/year).  We have these options for BOTH our Toddler Bins (ages 18 months-3 years) and our 3+ year bins. 




Every Month for CHILDREN AGES 3+:  

January- Snow Day

February- Valentine’s Day

March- Easter OR St. Patrick’s Day


May- Horses OR Creepy Crawly (reptiles & amphibians)

June- 4th of July (we ship this in June so it has plenty of time to arrive by 7/4!)

July- Ice Cream

August- Beach 

September- Bumblebee & Bug Garden

October- Halloween 

November - Fall 

December- Christmas OR Hanukkah 

**WARNING:  The bins above have smaller parts which can be a choking hazard, and they are not intended for children under age 3.  SEE BELOW FOR TODDLER BIN OPTIONS. 


Every Other Month FOR CHILDREN AGES 3+:

Snow Day



Bumblebee & Bug Garden


Christmas OR Hanukkah 

**WARNING:  The bins above have smaller parts which can be a choking hazard, and they are not intended for children under age 3.  SEE BELOW FOR TODDLER BIN OPTIONS. 


Our Quarterly subscription (4 bins/year) for Ages 3 years + includes the following: 



Snow Day 

Bumblebee & Bug Garden

**WARNING:  The bins above have smaller parts which can be a choking hazard, and they are not intended for children under age 3.  SEE BELOW FOR TODDLER BIN OPTIONS. 


What are my subscription options for children ages 18 months - 3 years?  (TODDLERS) 

Here are the bins you will receive with your Every Month Toddler Subscription: 

January- Toddler Textures

February- Toddler Sizes  (Identifying objects that are Small/ Medium/ Large)

March- Toddler Cooking 

April- Toddler Zoo

May- Toddler Building

June- Toddler Shapes

July- Toddler Ice Cream

August- Toddler ABC's

September- Toddler Numbers (123's)

October- Toddler Sounds

November- Toddler Farm

December- Toddler Colors 


Our Every Other Month subscription (6 bins/year)  for Ages 18 months- 3 years (TODDLERS) includes:

Toddler Farm 

Toddler Colors

Toddler Sizes (Identifying objects that are Small/ Medium/ Large)

Toddler Shapes

Toddler Zoo 

Toddler ABC’s


Our Quarterly subscription (4 bins/year) for Ages 18 months - 3 years (TODDLERS) includes the following: 

Toddler Zoo

Toddler Farm 

Toddler Colors

Toddler Shapes


When do I have to subscribe by to get my bin?

Subscribe anytime!  Whichever day you make your first subscription purchase will be the day that your subscription order is processed each month.  (Example:  If you ordered you first subscription from us on the 12th of August, your September subscription order would be charged again on the 12th of September.)  We might make seasonal adjustments so you receive the proper bin for a particular holiday.


My family celebrates Hanukkah instead of Christmas; can I substitute a Hanukkah bin?  

Yes you can!  Just select that from the drop down menu when you order your Every Month or Every Other Month subscription! 


My family doesn’t celebrate Easter.  What are my options?

No problem, you can get a St. Patrick’s Day bin with your Every Month or Every Other Month subscription instead!  


Can I change the bins I have coming in my subscription?

Not at this time, but we are looking into that possibility for the future. 


Do Bumblebee Bins come with play dough mats?

YES!  We provide a laminated play mat for our our full-sized bins.  (For mini bins, just remove the lid and play inside that!)  And our bins themselves are AWESOME… just remove the inside dividers and play in there, or on the top of the lid… lots of options for clean play.  


Do your bins come with any educational help?

YES!  Each full-sized bin comes with educational aides for parents, caregivers or teachers.  They focus on early math, early literacy, sorting, patterns, and the like!   


I’d like to know more about sensory issues in children.  Can you help?

Yes!  Click on our Resources link, or to speak with Angela directly, please email bumblebeebins@gmail.com.  Or visit the Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation website at www.spdfoundation.net for more information. 


Do you offer custom bins for my upcoming birthday party?

YES!  We’d love to help you develop the perfect custom bins, either in Mini Sizes or in our full size!  Please provide us 4+ weeks to source all the goodies to go inside!  An inventory fee might apply, depending on the theme you request.  Email bumblebeebins@gmail.com to get started. 


I have an idea for a bin.  How can I tell you about it?

We’d love to hear!  Drop us an email, Facebook message, or Instagram DM!  Or you can always email bumblebeebins@gmail.com.


I’d like to provide feedback about my bin.  Where can I do that?

Please give us your thoughts at bumblebeebins@gmail.com


Can I return my products?

Please email bumblebeebins@gmail.com to discuss what we can to do help if your product was defective.  Do to the “hands on” nature of the bins, returns are not accepted, but we want to help you the best we can.  Just get in touch! 


Do you ship internationally?

We currently ship within the U.S.  However, international shipping is on our radar!