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Snow Day Mini Bin (5 Pack)

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Need stocking stuffers?  Class gifts?  A quiet church activity, or a simpler alternative to decorating gingerbread houses?   We have you in mind, with our 5 pack of our Snow Day Mini Bins!   Bumblebee Bins 5 packs of Mini Bins SHIP FREE EVERYDAY!  

Mini Bins contain:

-1 Roll of Scented Play Dough (Vanilla)

- Mitten Cookie Cutter

- Wooden Sled

- Deer Figurine 

- Frosted Tree 

- 10 Popsicle Sticks

- 1 Fabric bag 

- 5 Crystals

- 5 buttons 

- Glitter Balls 

- Large Snowflake 

- Wooden Peg Person 

Warning:  This product contains small pieces and is not intended for children under age 3.  Please check out our Toddler Bins for ages 18 months and up!