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Toddler Cooking Bin

Toddler Cooking Bin

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Who doesn’t love to pretend to cook with play dough? Your Toddlers will love our felt bacon, felt fried egg, and adorable wooden pot with a lid! Let them whip something up for you with the wooden spoons, tongs, Rotary cutter, and rolling pin!  This toddler cooking play dough sensory been includes lots of fine motor activities, like opening and closing eggs and squeezing items with tongs.

Every full-sized bin contains:

  • 3 jars of scented play dough
  • Laminated play dough mat with themed spelling list on reverse side!
  • Educational guide for parents & caregivers (early math, literacy, sorting, patterns, etc.) 
  • Play dough cutter, wooden scoop, and wooden roller
  • A huge variety of figurines, toys, and loose pieces for creative play!
  • Plastic storage bin for materials (approximate dimensions are 13” x 10” x2”)

*Due to supply chain issues and the nature of our small business, bin contents including cutter design may vary slightly. 

WARNING: Contains play dough and other pieces children could put in their mouths. Adult supervision required. 

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