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Toddler Numbers Bin

Toddler Numbers Bin

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Get ready for some counting! Our Toddler Numbers Sensory Bin is the most fun way for little ones to learn their numbers! We include a large variety of objects with different textures for educational play. The Guide that comes with the bin gives caregivers & teachers plenty of ideas for how to explore both counting and fine motor skills with our bin. Let's get counting! 

Bin Contains:

- 2 rolls scented homemade play dough (vanilla & lemon)

- Caregiver Guide with over 15 activities & ideas for play within the bin & a laminated play dough mat for clean play + a traceable spelling list on the back side 

- 1 cookie cutter (size and shape may vary based on availability) 

- Set of 10 Felt Numbers (0-9)

- 3 Wooden Wheels

- 10 Plastic Counters 

- Pipe Cleaners

- 3 Wooden Stick People

- 1 Wooden Dough roller

- 1 Wooden Scoop

- 5 Plastic Straws 

- 3 Bristle Blocks 

- 2 large foam dice

- Felt fabric 

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