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Toddler Outerspace Bin

Toddler Outerspace Bin

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To infinity and beyond! Your toddler will love this bin filled with planets, stars, and aliens. Explore your own galaxy and land your rocket ship on a planet filled with aliens! Creativity is endless with this bin!

Every full-sized bin contains:

  • 3 jars of scented play dough
  • Laminated play dough mat with themed spelling list on reverse side!
  • Educational guide for parents & caregivers (early math, literacy, sorting, patterns, etc.) 
  • Play dough cutter, wooden scoop, and wooden roller
  • A huge variety of figurines, toys, and loose pieces for creative play!
  • Plastic storage bin for materials (approximate dimensions are 13” x 10” x 2”)

*Due to supply chain issues and the nature of our small business, bin contents including cutter design may vary slightly.

WARNING: Contains play dough and other pieces children could put in their mouths. Adult supervision required. 

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