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Zoo Bin (Ages 3+)

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ROAR!  It's time to explore!  With TWELVE wild animals in Bumblebee Bin's Zoo Sensory play bin, your little ones will be captivated for hours.  Kids can play "zookeeper" with our special feeding bowl, dried beans, shovel, and 2 ways to make animal pens.  Or, they can pretend they are going to the zoo with our wooden peg people, magnifying glass, and special camera that really shows zoo animal images!  Animals fascinate kids of all ages, and this bin is sure to be a favorite! 

Bin Contents:
  • 2 rolls of scented play dough (vanilla & peppermint) 
  • Laminated play dough mat with zoo spelling list on reverse side!
  • Educational guide for parents & caregivers (early math, literacy, sorting, patterns, etc.) 
  • 1 cookie cutter (cutter design may vary based on availability)
  • Wooden Scoop
  • Wooden Roller
  • 12 zoo animals (type may vary from photos shown; animals shown are gorilla, kangaroo, monkey, panda, tiger, komodo dragon, camel, black panther, wild boar, otter, anteater, hippo)
  • Section of fence for creating animal fence
  • 10 plastic chain links (underneath food bowl in photo)
  • 2 wood slices
  • River Rock
  • Blue "gems" for water features 
  • Camera that really clicks through animal images!
  • Glitter balls
  • Striped pipe cleaner 
  • 2 wooden peg people
  • Plastic container with dried beans
  • Wooden "feeding" bowl 
  • Artificial bamboo
  • 4 bamboo straws 
  • 10 sawtooth popsicle sticks 
  • Short bead strands 
  • Magnifying glass 
  • Miniature fruit
  • Black plastic shovel
  • Felt

  • WARNING:  Contains small parts. Not intended for children under age 3. Adult supervision required.