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Ready for School Mini Bin Bundle

Ready for School Mini Bin Bundle

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This 4-pack bundle is the ULTIMATE back-to-school essential! Let your child's imagination and creativity take center stage as they sculpt and explore the world of letters, numbers, emotions, and social skills!

ABCs: Learn to read and write with the help our alphabet mini bin! Practice letter formation, recognize letter sounds, and spell out words with all of the included loose letters and items!

Numbers: Whether you are practicing simple counting, multiplication, or fractions, this bin is filled with numbers-galore and perfect for all types of practice! Get creative and solve with our numbers mini bin!

Emotions: Explore different emotions, how they make us feel, and how we can utilize different sensory tools to stay feeling "just right" throughout the day! Based on the How does your engine run? Alert Program used by occupational therapists, this bin and caregiver guide teaches how to recognize and regulate our emotions.

Friends + Games: This bin incorporates different items to build your own games to practice turn-taking, communication, sportsmanship, and more!

Each mini bin contains:

  • 1 jar of scented play dough
  • Mini educational guide for parents and caregivers (early math, literacy, sorting, patterns, etc.)
  • Play dough cutter and wooden roller
  • A variety of figurines, toys, and loose pieces of creative play!
  • Plastic storage bin for materials (approximate dimensions are 9" x 5" x 2")

*Due to supply chain issues and the nature of our small business, bin contents including cutter design may vary slightly. 

Warning: Contains small parts; not intended for children under the age of 3. Please see our toddler bin options for bins for children 18 months - 3 years. 

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